The Principal,

Yorkshire Primary High School,

#12, Aldershot, Hampshire,

London, GU12

Date – 29th August 2013

Sub: Leave request letter

Respected Principal,

I am hereby writing this letter to apply for leave for my son Master Thomas Anthony who is studying in third grade in section C of your school. The identity number assigned to my son by your school is TA24. As my father is not keeping well these days I want to pay a visit to him along with my entire family. We plan to visit Devon where my parents are living at present from 2nd December 2013 to 11th December 2013.

Due to this my ward will not be able to attend school during this period and will resume coming to the school on 12th December 2013 only. I request you to kindly grant permission to my ward for availing leave during this period and give my assurance that he will attend school regularly thereafter. I also take responsibility of getting all the school work completed on our return without fail.

I request you to kindly provide your approval for his absence today itself as it will help me to make travel arrangements accordingly.

Thanking you for all the support and cooperation offered to my ward.

Yours sincerely,

John Anthony,

Father of Master. Thomas Anthony

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