I had really enjoyed my summer vacations. Especially, I loved this summer vacation. Because, I went to Tamil Nadu to my grandparent’s house. I met my cousins, my aunts and uncles. I played with my friends like games such as Kabbadi, Hide-and-Seek etc. I had visited shopping-malls and purchased clothes, golds, watches, caps and more… I visited lots of restaurants and I ate my food in variety of Indian restaurants. I visited holy-temples in Tamil Nadu with my family. I loved malls, the environment and more… I played with my cousins, aunt and uncles too. I went to swimming pool with my family and swam for 2 hours. I spent 2 months with my grandparents, aunt, cousins and uncles. I was really excited staying with a big family. I had visited Theatres too and watched movies. I wished that I would come back again to Tamil Nadu next year.

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