This template is intended to be used for a variety of official posts. It is not meant only for “political offices” per se, but can also be used for civil service, diplomatic, ecclesiastical, judicial, law enforcement, military and other posts of an official and permanent nature.

Note that the template is intended to be primarily about the post rather than the person holding it for the moment.

There is a separate {{Infobox former political post}} for no longer existing political posts.


{{{post}}} of {{{body}}}



since {{{incumbentsince}}}
Style {{{style}}}
Member of {{{member_of}}}
Reports to {{{reports_to}}}
Residence {{{residence}}}
Seat {{{seat}}}
Nominator {{{nominator}}}
Appointer {{{appointer}}}
Term length {{{termlength}}}
Constituting instrument {{{constituting_instrument}}}
Precursor {{{precursor}}}
Formation {{{formation}}}
First holder {{{first}}}
Final holder {{{last}}}
Abolished {{{abolished}}}
Succession {{{succession}}}
Deputy {{{deputy}}}
Salary {{{salary}}}
Website {{{website}}}

All parameters are optional, except for post. It is preferable to have wikilinks to persons, institutions and other items in the template wherever that is possible.

{{Infobox official post
|post                     = <!-- Required. No wikilinks here. -->
|body                     = <!-- Optional. -->
|nativename               = <!-- Optional. -->
|flag                     = <!-- A flag, positional color or command sign associated with this post, if any. 
                                 Just the image name, no "File:" or "Image:" coding. -->
|flagsize                 = <!-- Example "150px". 
                                 Default size is 120px. -->
|flagcaption              = <!-- Short description of the flag etcetera displayed above.-->
|insignia                 = <!-- An insignia; such as a coat of arms, logo, seal or other symbol associated with this post, if any. 
                                 Just the image name, no "File:" or "Image:" coding. -->
|insigniasize             = <!-- Example, "150px". 
                                 Default size is 120px. -->
|insigniacaption          = <!-- Short description of the insignia displayed above.-->
|image                    = <!-- Portrait or other image of the current officeholder. 
                                 Just the image name, no "File:" or "Image:" coding. -->
|imagesize                = <!-- Example, "150px". -->
|alt                      = <!-- Optional. -->
|incumbent                = <!-- Name of the current officeholder. -->
|incumbentsince           = <!-- Date when current officeholder took office. -->
|department               = <!-- The organizational entity this official either heads, or is otherwise part of. -->
|style                    = <!-- The recognized manner of address afforded this post. --> 
|member_of                = <!-- Permanent group that the post (not person) is a member of, 
                                 e.g. a cabinet, council, commission, board, junta, politburo etc. -->
|reports_to               = <!-- The immediate superior/supervisor for this post. 
                                 Does not have to be a single one, could be several.-->
|residence                = <!-- Name of official residence, if any. -->
|seat                     = <!-- Location where the office is located. 
                                 If the residence and the workplace are in separate locations, then fill in the workplace here.--> 
|nominator                = <!-- Name of the post/body (not an incumbent person) 
                                 whom officially nominates a person to hold this post. -->
|appointer                = <!-- Name of the post/body (not an incumbent person) 
                                 whom officially appoints a person to hold this post. -->
|appointer_qualified      = <!-- Space for a qualifying statement. -->
|termlength               = <!-- Optional. -->
|termlength_qualified     = <!-- Space for a qualifying statement. -->
|constituting_instrument  = <!-- The official document(s) which provide the formal legal basis for the post. -->
|precursor                = <!-- The immediate predecessor post(s), if any. -->
|formation                = <!-- Date when this post was created, or when the first officeholder took office. -->
|first                    = <!-- Name of the person who first held this post. --> 
|last                     = <!-- Optional. -->
|abolished                = <!-- Optional. -->
|succession               = <!-- Optional. -->
|deputy                   = <!-- Name of other post(s) with authority to stand-in for this post.-->
|salary                   = <!-- Official paygrade, or actual amount received.-->
|website                  = <!-- Link to the official website, if any. --> 


Example 1

President of the
European Commission

Commission emblem (EU flag)

José Manuel Barroso

since 23 November 2004
Member of European Commission
Seat Berlaymont building, Brussels, Belgium
Nominator European Council
on the basis of the latest European elections
Appointer European Parliament
Term length Five years
Constituting instrument Treaties of the European Union
Inaugural holder Walter Hallstein
Formation 1 January 1958
Deputy Vice-President of the European Commission
Salary €24,422.80 per month
{{Infobox official post
|post                    = President
|body                    = the<br />European Commission
|flag                    = Flag of Europe.svg
|flagsize                = 100px
|flagcaption             = [[Flag of Europe|Commission emblem (EU flag)]]
|image                   = José Manuel Barroso MEDEF.jpg
|incumbent               = [[José Manuel Barroso]]
|incumbentsince          = 23 November 2004
|member_of               = [[European Commission]]
|seat                    = [[Berlaymont building]], [[Brussels]], [[Belgium]]
|nominator               = [[European Council]]<br /><small>on the basis of the latest [[Elections in the European Union|European elections]]</small>
|appointer               = [[European Parliament]]
|termlength              = Five years
|constituting_instrument = [[Treaties of the European Union]]
|formation               = 1 January 1958
|inaugural               = [[Walter Hallstein]]
|deputy                  = [[Vice-President of the European Commission]]
|salary                  = €24,422.80 per month
|website                 = []

Example 2

Secretary of Defense of the United States of America

Flag of the Secretary of Defense

Chuck Hagel

since February 27, 2013
Department of Defense
Style Mister Secretary
Member of Cabinet
National Security Council
Reports to The President
Seat The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia
Appointer The President
Term length No fixed term
Constituting instrument Template:UnitedStatesCode
Precursor Secretary of War
and Secretary of the Navy
Inaugural holder James Forrestal
Formation September 19, 1947
Succession Sixth
in the presidential line of succession
Deputy Deputy Secretary of Defense
(principal deputy)
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
(military deputy)
Salary Executive Schedule, level 1
{{Infobox official post
|post                     =Secretary of Defense of the United States of America
|flag                     =USSecDefflag.svg
|flagsize                 =120px
|flagcaption              =Flag of the Secretary of Defense
|insignia                 =United States Department of Defense Seal.svg
|insigniasize             =110px
|insigniacaption          =Seal of the Department of Defense
|incumbentsince           =February 27, 2013
|image                    =Chuck Hagel Defense portrait.jpg
|imagesize                =200px
|incumbent                =[[Chuck Hagel]]
|style                    =''Mister Secretary''
|member_of                =[[United States Cabinet|Cabinet]]<br>[[United States National Security Council|National Security Council]]
|department               =[[United States Department of Defense|Department of Defense]]<br>[[Office of the Secretary of Defense|OSD]]
|reports_to               =The [[President of the United States|President]]
|seat                     =[[The Pentagon]], [[Arlington County, Virginia|Arlington County]], [[Virginia]]
|appointer                =The [[President of the United States|President]]
|appointer_qualified      =with [[United States Senate|Senate]] [[advice and consent]]
|termlength               =No fixed term
|constituting_instrument  ={{UnitedStatesCode|10|113}}<br>{{UnitedStatesCode|50|401}}
|precursor                =[[United States Secretary of War|Secretary of War]]<br>and [[United States Secretary of the Navy|Secretary of the Navy]]
|formation                =September 19, 1947
|inaugural                =[[James Forrestal]]
|succession               =Sixth<br><small>in the [[United States presidential line of succession|presidential line of succession]]
|deputy                   =[[United States Deputy Secretary of Defense|Deputy Secretary of Defense]]<br><small>(principal deputy)</small><br>[[Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff]]<br><small>(military deputy)</small>
|salary                   =[[Executive Schedule|Executive Schedule, level 1]]
|website                  =[]

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